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About Greg


The studio, kitchen or workplace must be properly balanced and organized to facilitate the free-flow of ideas, the notion of "mis en place" drives many aspects of my life.

I put great weight and creative energy in designing and tweaking environments and the execution follows suit. I love systems that enable teams to play, have fun and innovate.  We ultimately control our environment and the conditions which enable us to succeed/excel.

Resume and skills

I began my career in the legal industry managing data that was growing rapidly as businesses embraced the advance of technology. I loved getting data to line up and then letting the server do the heavy lifting.  I spent nearly seven years building a business primarily in New York and DC before relocating to Savannah, GA. 

At the Savannah College of Art and Design, I took on a project implementing a digital asset management system and eventually transitioned into the role of project manager with the Interactive Services team.  I worked alongside a team of Content, UX, and Interactive Designers and Developers rebuilding our department and our primary product (proud webby nominee 2014, 2015).

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Why you want to work with me:


Genuinely curious, lifelong learner, I thrive in an interdisciplinary environment. The world moves fast. There is always more to discover.

I listen, I learn, I make sure all voices are heard. I value your opinion.

I engage teams, I want to know your motivation and how as a teammate I can push us towards mutual goals.

Over the past 3 years, I've embraced agile project management. Daily standup meetings work.  I believe in iterating everything, even how you iterate.

Design.  Photoshop/Illustrator/ CAD… I’m a fine-artist (painter) but I’ve operated enough in the digital world to give good feedback. 

Empathy, I have well-developed sense, I put users first. Let's talk.